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Triple Miyagi OG Live Resin


Triple Miyagi OG Live Resin




Triple Miyagi OG Live Resin Jetty Extracts

Triple Miyagi OG Live Resin Jetty Extracts.

You’ll really taste that spicy, skunky, piney flavor. Because we use fresh frozen cannabis, we preserve that just-harvested flavor and a full range of terpenes. Loving the strong, hazy high.


California 2013: the early days of extracts. We obsessed over everything to build this company right. Including surfing.
We’ve been leading the way ever since, from growing to extraction to distribution. We are obsessed with
perfection—working within the law, never cutting corners, never compromising our products or our values. Above all,
we make the finest, carefully crafted products, free of pesticides, chemicals and fillers, all from right here in California.
Because we believe that cannabis elevates our experiences. It’s good times enhanced… hanging with friends, surfing,
enjoying an active, creative lifestyle. It also means caring and relief in so many ways, giving back as much as we can.

Jetty Extracts Gold cartridges offer the taste and potency only quality oils can bring. The number of puffs is just a bit low and the tamper-proof seal needs improvement. Also, the package has a batch number but doesn’t provide the name of the lab.

We love the new CCELL cartridge design over the old wick style. The oil vapes up faster than other similar brands.  It would be best if Jetty makes obvious the lab doing the testing and includes the information on each cartridge. They have tested clean though when independently tested.

Rainbow dispensary is happy to bring you another new brand to our growing list of cartridge reviews. This time it’s Jetty Extracts Gold under the spotlight and the Sativa dominant Maui Wowie. Coming from the licensed Mankind dispensary in San Diego, quality assurance is what we’re after. Take a walk out onto the Jetty in the following Jetty Extracts cartridge review and see why it made our best vape cartridges in California list.


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